Microwave Link Installation

Microwave link installation is performed by Jozi Telecoms qualified and certified crews.  Crews can be scaled to meet the build-out market demand and project schedule.  All resources within a crew adhere to all local safety laws and carry safety certifications.  

Microwave link installation includes:

  • Rooftop, tower or monopole locations through use of riggers (crane, bucket extra)
  • Installation of dish antenna on existing antenna mast
  • Installation of ODUs and IDUs as per link design
  • Running, labeling and securing of required cables (Cat5e, IF, fiber, power)
  • Termination of connectors at ODU and IDU ends, with assurance of connectivity, strain relief, taped/waterproofed/tie wrapped.
  • Installation of grounding cable
  • Installation of DC power cable from customer provided power source and breakers
  • Validation of correct power and grounding of system
  • Validation all of cables through cable testers
  • Confirmation of installation quality through established punch-list
  • Detailed photographs of installation
  • Comprehensive MOP – outlining installation procedures and configuration details
  • Upgrades from 1+0 to 2+0, capacity upgrades etc., DragonWave-X will construct a comprehensive MOP, obtain diagnostics prior and post services work delivered in the Close out Package (COP)

Microwave Link Decommissioning

Microwave link decommissioning is performed by Jozi Telecoms qualified and certified crews.  Crews with remove existing legacy equipment and dispose in accordance by customer or in an environmentally conscience manner.

RF Site Installations

Our qualified technical staff carry out Network design, Project Coordination & Management, Installation, Commissioning, Integration ,Optimization and maintenance of all major Base Stations, Base Station Controllers, Transcoders, and other various RF equipment.